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What the dogs are all 


Our in office dogs are trained as emotional support animals, and serve the purpose of making your experience at our office as positive and comfortable as can be. Whether it be serving as a couch mate while we talk, or a foot warmer on cold days, Larry and Jackson play a big role in who we are as an office and the purpose of improving your life through open ears and trust.



What Jackson lacks in legs and toes he compensates for with his loving heart. Standing strong on all 3 of his legs, Jackson provides a calm and loving presence that seams to absorb the stress and anxiety out of the atmosphere of the room. 


Adopted from Compassion Without Borders at less than a year old, Larry proudly serves as Jacksons Understudy in training, picking up on new tips and tricks to improve sessions with clients day by day. With his big paws and even bigger heart, Larry shows no absence of compassion or love for his job as an Emotional Support Dog

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